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I am an American trained actor based in New York City.While I was at the National University in New Delhi, I was on hunger strike for 10 days for social justice for Dalits/Untouchables and against the caste apartheid. After my expulsion from the University, I came to the USA and represented Native Americans in their quest for self-determination. Then I became the first Indian attorney ever to be in the office of Legal Affairs, United Nations. Having lost my project in the events of 9/11/2001, I accidentally became an actor playing the role of a doctor on Super Bowl VISA commercial of 2002. I then studied with Alan Arkin and at the Juilliard School. For the past decade and half, I've been working as a full time actor and was cast in a major supporting role opposite Adam Sandler in Columbia pictures THAT'S MY BOY. Recently, I was cast opposite Liev Schrieber in the upcoming fil THE BLEEDER. I'm proud to say that I produced a dramatic narrative film titled GANDHI, UNTOUCHABLES AND ME. As an evidence of me social commitment, I kept working on social justice issues and weave them in the creation of my films and theatre pieces. I'm serious, but Adam Sandler and others think that i'm naturally funny.
I created a show called BOLLYWOOD TO HOLLYWOOD on ch. 67 of the Time Warner cable in NYC. It airs on Mondays @ 9:30pm. For these and other ends I act, write and produce. If one play only one key, it's boring. One has to play all the 86 keys to make it interesting. Life is no exception.

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