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Shooting and editing videos since age 12 with my father, a former cameraman for NBC, exposed me to the myriad of techniques used in the video production world. I’ve made videos of a variety of subjects: skateboarding, teaching, fictional narrative, breakdancing, snowboarding, and longboard racing. When I’m not making videos sketching and painting refreshes my mind. Mixing drawing with photographic storytelling and music is my passion. I enjoy documenting skateboarding, snowboarding, and other sports of high intensity because I love pushing my limits and seeing others do the same. Although, I try to challenge myself to find and capture the subtle drama and humor of everyday life. Movies are the most comprehensive way to let others see what I see. And what would a movie be without editing! (plain footage). It seems like making my first cut early on has given me a strength and certainty to my sequencing but of course learning to edit is an ongoing experience. Collaborating with others is an integral part of the creative process. Listening to other people’s perspectives is important to me wether I’m lighting a scene or making a cut. My goal is to make every piece a passion piece, every edit a harmonious joint.

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