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  1. CASST

    by Cassiano Prado subscribed to

    307 Videos / 61 Followers

  2. Gobble-de-gooch

    by Andrew Gooch subscribed to

    432 Videos / 117 Followers

    Distinctive concepts and beautiful designs

  3. Wine after Coffee

    by Jr.canest subscribed to

    2,938 Videos / 8,122 Followers

    Awesome animation + motion channel curated daily by some of the best animators out there. "Hand picked videos for your healthy audiovisual diet." We're also starting a festival in…

  4. Candy Shop

    by Alteroy subscribed to

    140 Videos / 474 Followers

    Some of The Best Design & Animation

  5. Bad Ass Motion Graphics

    by EJ Hassenfratz subscribed to

    1,609 Videos / 4,023 Followers

    Inspirational motion graphics pieces that are just bad ass!

  6. Mograph TV

    by Mograph TV subscribed to

    48 Videos / 80 Followers

    Beautiful Short Films

  7. Five Second Project - "Milk and Cookies"

    by Greyscalegorilla subscribed to

    71 Videos / 33 Followers

    How Do I Enter? 1. Create a five second animation based on the theme. 2. Upload your video to Vimeo. Don’t forget to add a link back to this blog post: http://greyscalegorilla.com/blog/2009/12/milk-and-cookies/ 3.…

  8. art and tech lab

    by alex milde subscribed to

    1,177 Videos / 549 Followers

  9. Best of Motion Graphic Design

    by Danny Garcia subscribed to

    29 Videos / 700 Followers

    The most beautiful, powerful and effective motion graphic videos on Vimeo.

  10. Designcollector TV

    by Designcollector / Arseny Vesnin subscribed to

    5,478 Videos / 6,830 Followers

    Creative Motion Pictures hand picked by Designcollector and Contributors for Motioncollector satellite project. It is one of Vimeo's featured channels. PLEASE TWEET YOUR VIDEOS TO: http://twitter.com/designcollector or…

  11. shape+colour

    by shape+colour subscribed to

    516 Videos / 432 Followers

    shape-and-colour.com shapeandcolour.tumblr.com instagram.com/shapeandcolour My favourite motion design and video works from the art, motion and design blog shape+colour. Thanks to everyone…

  12. MK12

    by MK12 subscribed to

    126 Videos / 1,142 Followers

    MK12 is a full service lateral hyperthreaded tactical design and research bureau. www.mk12.com www.followthesun.tv www.telephoneme.tv

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