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What up I'm Rapzilla aka Brett Gelman. I'm a real crazy Jew. I've been doin' my shit at The Upright Citizens Brigade for the past 5 1/2 years. I'm down with mad dope motherfuckers who can't deny that I'm a fuckin' genius of the balls. I'm one half of the hip hop super group Cracked Out. One fourth of the biggest geniuses in improv comedy to date, Death By Ru Ru. My favorite activity is channeling God, a.k.a. the universe, a.k.a. truth, a.k.a. love into every word I say, everything I do, and every breath I take. It's all about art and sex yall.


  1. Jen Dunlap
  2. Jake Lodwick
  3. Zach Klein

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