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director | video editor | sound researcher based in Lisbon

Raquel Castro was born in Viseu, in 1976. In 2003, a video project about oral memory made her travel around Portugal and live in several regions of the country, collecting voices, images, sounds and children's drawings. She started to think about the way Sound relates to the identity of a place, so she decided to start a research on sound studies. She directed the documentary Soundwalkers which was presented in Subtropics Festival in Miami and screened at various conferences of sound art and documentary film festivals. Other films are O Bairro (The Neighbourhood) and Leve Leve Non Caba Ué, winner of the festival Ovarvídeo (2007). She is currently teacher of Direction at the University Lusíada and developing an investigation for her PhD in Communication and Arts about the Soundscape of Lisbon. She was the curator and chair of Invisible Places Sounding Cities, a sound action integrated in Jardins Efémeros 2014.
Member of CECL (Research Centre on Communication and Languages)


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