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Rara Avis belong to the biggest talents on the CZ/SK music scene: songs on their debut album „The Portrait“ aim the deepest parts of human heart and show hidden imaginations and dreams. Musicians work for their own original sound but they like retro feelings as well. „New songs are more aggressive compared to the last EP. They float between the expressivity and intimacy, they are darker and sometimes quite surprising“ says the band.

Besides the music Rara Avis are also inspired by movies, extreme life situations and especially by the actual process of writing the songs. „We want to get the best from ourselves, what we couldn’t get from anybody else. We hate conventions or forced effort to be trendy, which is one of the reasons, why our production is so different“ musicians add self-confidently. And it’s noticeable in the result: Rara Avis music helps to eliminate internal barriers, it is very energic and intensive.

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