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The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada is dedicated to bringing information about astronomy to the general public. Members of Victoria Centre have a wide range of interests and are happy to share their knowledge and expertise with others. Some of their talents include astrophotography (film and digital), telescope making, variable star observing, "planetology", stellar evolution and cosmology.

RASC Roots

In 1868 a small group of amateur astronomers formed the Toronto Astronomy Club. In 1903, King Edward VII gave his permission for "Royal" to be included in the title and the Society became the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada. There are now about 3,000 members in 22 Centres, found in most major cities.

The Victoria Centre was formed in 1914 and quickly developed into one of the largest Centres in the country. There are currently about 200 members. Over half are amateurs with the remainder being professionals from the Dominion Astrophysical Observatory and the University of Victoria. Professional astronomers frequently appear as guest speakers at RASC monthly meetings.

Victoria Centre members often assist as volunteers at the NRC-HIA Centre of the Universe - Public Observatory and Astronomy Centre during public observing sessions.

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