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Copenhagen, Denmark

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Rasmus Kloster Bro (b. 1985).
Director at Super16 #6 2009-2012. Before working with fiction he directed and exibited installation- and videoart. Rasmus has directed three short films with support from The Danish Film Institute/Filmworkshop.
He has also directed a number of music videos for renowned Danish artists.
He has worked as an assistant for Annette K. Olesen, during production of "The Castle", National Danish Television - Drama.

Selected fiction:

"Liv" (Liv), 2011
"Kys min bror" (Kiss my brother), 2010
"Ensom er noget man er for sig selv" (Lonely is what you are on your own), 2009
"Abraham" (Abraham), 2009
+ Work in progress with new project at DFI/Filmworkshop

Other works:
Video-art, "Ubestemt" og "Same same" (LARM galleri jan-feb 07, DNA-award 2006)
Music videos for Efterklang, Turboweekend, The Rumour Said Fire, Olympics, Prins Nitram and Young Blondes
Best Short Fiction for "Kys min Bror" (Kiss my Brother), Landlocked Film Festival. 2011
Diesel New Art for "Ubestemt", 2006

*updated October 2011

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