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RasTa A Soul's Journey | A feature-length Documentary in Hi-Def.

One young woman’s global journey to explore Rastafari...the spiritual legacy of her grandparents, Rita & Bob Marley.

Twenty-six year old Donisha Prendergast is Bob and Rita Marley’s granddaughter. Born in 1984, three years after her grandfather’s untimely death, her knowledge of him and his Rastafarian beliefs have been handed down primarily through family lore, his music and media stories. Donisha’s filmic odyssey is intimate and personal historic, as she balances revelations about Rastafari with her own self-discovery.

Donisha Prendergast

Patricia Scarlett
Executive Producer | Producer

Stuart Samuels
Director | Producer

Marilyn Gray

Vladimir Czyzewski

Gina Benetti
Line Producer | Editor

Roger McTair

A Canadian independent production. All rights reserved by In Search of Rastafari Inc.

Coming Fall 2011.

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