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Yes, we make TV commercials, but, as you undoubtedly know, today's creative passion and energy is about so much more.

So-- we do more.

We start by combining the best of the new with the best of the old. Mentorship. An industry icon, Bob Giraldi, mentoring a few carefully selective directors, live-action directors Luigi Comandatore, Gavin Bond, Chris Walters, Maz Makhani, Joaco & Fran, Maurizio De Vita, Sean Sinerius, Joe Hollier and motion graphics artist Monica Kim.

Featuring a Social Media Hacker & Technologist, Josh Klein, specializing in technology development, security & design, combining a solid understanding of existing platforms with the insight to create tractable strategies for emerging tech.

Featuring a Content Division, specializing in documentary-style behind-the-scenes material.