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Based in Toronto, Canada, Ravi Steve has dedicated his career to creating content for and about young people. His film TRAINING WHEELS was nominated for 2012 Director’s Guild of Canada Award. That same year Ravi directed his first episode of broadcast TV with YTV’s teen comedy HOW TO BE INDIE. In 2010/11 Ravi completed Remix-to-Rio, a muti-award winning one-hour documentary following a youth-run outreach program as they navigate the streets of Rio. He also produced the one-hour television Special TORONTO in 24 for OMNI, a film that has garnered over 20 international awards, nominations, and official film festival selections including three Gemini Award Nominations and one win in 2011. In 2006 Ravi’s script for YTV’s Prank Patrol was nominated for a Banff World Television Award and also earned the show a Gemini Award nomination. Ravi and has directed, edited, written, acted, and dialog coached for shows on YTV, Discovery kids, Family Channel, Disney and others. Ravi has a BFA from York University and is a former resident of The Canadian Film Centre’s Directors’ Lab.

He is currently in development on two feature films: a Horror/Thriller with Whizbang Films and a RomCom for NSI and Movie Central.

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