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I like to express myself through my work because within each work there is a description through words or through visuals. I can tell you that I include these all the time in my work, versatility & diversity, well I try. We all learn from each other and we all can still be original in our own creative ways. Putting things in perspective gives it a purpose from the reality to the computer, they both humanize and digitize each other. There is always a way to make nothing to something and even something to nothing. We got our limits, but we all juss got Skillz! and all of what I do is always something I like to look back on & see the experience and memories pass by.

Media Study Major | Studio Art Minor

- Graphic & Web Design

- Video-DVD Production

- Social Networking & Social Media

Other things I include in my work:

~ Photography
~ Digital Animation
~ Motion Graphics
~ Audio Mixing/Production (Sound & Music)


Check out my Cultural Passion @ youtube.com/MuhendisElDabkeh


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