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The Truth is - Hairdressers. We started making videos with our iPhones to entertain ourselves when clients cancelled appointments, and to evolve our marketing efforts. What did we notice? The videos worked, and we instantly started gaining publicity.

We are visionaries and creative-minded people. To get yourself known and raise public awareness takes a lot more than one thinks. You HAVE to be different. You HAVE to evolve with the times. You HAVE to be a forward thinker. And you HAVE to have a damn good marketing campaign.

We enjoy people, and we enjoy building things with them. Being small business owners ourselves, we understand and respect the intensity and financial risk that is involved. We strive to constantly give people more than they expect, and to provide quality work at a fair price… and more importantly, deliver it on time.

We invite you to experience our passion and excitement in helping broadcast YOU into a VIRAL SENSATION.
We are happy to hear from you! Please call or text: 412-600-3307.

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