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"Raw Investigations" is a noncommercial online music magazine run by six music enthusiasts from Germany, France, Finland, Sweden, Russia and Northern Ireland.

We have chosen the name carefully:
Raw stands for unusual questions as well as us. It's going to be pure and honest.
The music we are going to talk about is pretty "raw", too. There is so much unknown, amazing music in this world we want to discover and tell about.

While Investigations should be obvious: journalism has a lot to do with research and there are too many reporters having no idea about it. We are sick of reading articles by "journalists" asking the same questions to the same people all over again but actually having no clue at all.
We neither want to bore musicians nor readers. We're on the side of the music and bands. It's going to be fun for all.

We're very passionate about this and set this website up because we love music.
Enjoy our stories.


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