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If the phrase “we are defined by our experiences” holds true for anyone, it certainly holds true for Ray. As a NYC native Ray became a filmmaker and photographer while traveling the world as a professional action sports athlete. A Production Industry veteran he has taken on the role of producer and entrepreneur amongst others. His varied interests, broad range of knowledge, and frames of reference combine to create a special individual with a magical touch. Ray truly embodies the modern day Renaissance Man.

20 years of industry experience have afforded Ray an arsenal of skills that he's utilizes to realize an incredibly extensive body if work - ranging from feature films to commercials, music videos, documentaries, published photography, art curation and events.

At his core Ray is a storyteller, craftsman, and networker. He is able to communicate effectively in any medium to create powerful, meaningful and engaging output – be it film, photo, events, brand activations or experiences. Ray thrives on putting a bit of the extraordinary into the everyday.

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