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sound design has always been a great interest in my life. i've been a musician since early childhood, when i started studying the piano. during adolescence, i moved from the piano to electric guitar, and to electric bass later on. since my early teenage years, i spent most of my musician time hacking my instruments and searching for ways to record and manipulate sounds. besides my passion for sound, i always loved computers, since i learned how to read and write on the screen of an old tk-85. at the age of 13 i found out i could use my brand new 486pc to record and edit sounds. since then, when both my passions mixed into one, straight instrument practice had become more of a hobby, while sound design and sound engineering started to grow more as a serious professional ambition. after graduated in communication, always focused on the sound aesthetics, it was a very natural way to start working on sound design and field recording for some local production companies, which later led to a career as a music producer at a major tv channel. after 10 years working for 3rd party productions, the will to work on my own projects made me break free from my former job to start my very own production company alongside my wife and partner who is also a director and editor.

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