Royal City Community Church

601 8th Ave, New Westminster, BC

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The purpose of Royal City Community Church is to be a community of believers that worships Jesus Christ by accepting His love. We proclaim the gospel of salvation with relevance to families, to our community and nation. We strive to be passionate living testimonies who display His glory on earth, so when the world sees us they may see Jesus and glimpse the divine.

Our vision is to prepare people for Christian ministry, and empower them to become transformed followers of Jesus Christ through
spiritual and moral truth
growth in godly character
a deepening relationship with God
participation in the church community of faith
These are accomplished as we give ourselves wholly to God. Intentions are not enough, as they need practical service. Our church will be an outlet… a place of GROWTH… a place of WORSHIP… a place of ENCOUNTER… a place of TRANSFORMATION. In Christ’s love, we follow, serve and reach out.

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