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I started out shooting video in my second year of middle school, around twelve or thirteen years old. My dad placed me in the video production class because he noticed how attracted I was to photography and figured I might like video too. Turned out I loved it.

Honestly, my memory of middle school absolutely sucks but it was by far the best class I had ever taken. Since I enjoyed the class so much, I signed up for another year of it. If anything the second year was even better, I had become used to the environment and made friends with the same passion to create cool videos. Most of the assignments were pretty silly, like making a how to video for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich but they taught us the importance of pre-production and scripts to make life easier.

Sadly, after middle school things changed. As a freshman in high school, video was not the easiest class to get into. Infact, I was only able to get into the beginning video class for one year, my junior year. This was my first video class in over 2 years and I was very excited to get my hands on the gear and go shoot. Sadly this class was horrible. To make a long story short, the teacher along with the students in my group did not care about learning nearly as much as I did. I tried my hardest to improve but it was very hard to given the circumstances. Made a few videos but definitely nothing too spectacular.

Senior year should have been the year that I get erm… seniority to pick the classes that I want, right? Wrong. Out of the classes that I asked for, 4 of them were available and with my luck the 3 separate video classes were not an option. I graduated extremely pissed off.

Fast forward to today, currently I am freelancing/ interning for Off-Road Illustrated and producing short and simple product videos for MTA. Since middle school I have had a camera in my hands and loved every minute of it, right now I shoot with a Sony HDR-AX200 with a few microphones, tripod and a small light kit to go along with it. For photography I have a Nikon D300s With a portable studio setup. Constantly learning, constantly improving.

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