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My name is Rajbir Singh Dhalla, I am 24 years old, Born in India in 1985 and started CG career in 2005. Moved to United States in 2008, where i studied at Gnomon School of Visual Effects in Hollywood, Los Angeles. I finished my education with Gnomon in October 2009.

For the past four years, I have been trained as a Generalist, earning a diploma in CG at the Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematic in India. This led me to intensive studies via the High End CG Certificate program at Gnomon School of Visual Effects, where I received training to be a generalist with a focus on digital modeling. I finished up my education with Gnomon in October 2009. Through out my time at Gnomon I have learned how to be efficient and productive as I worked on projects such as White Swan by director Sil Van Der Woerd and have completed courses in Surface Modeling, Character and Creature Modeling, Advanced Lighting, Texturing, Digital Sets.

I always try to learn as much as i can in a creative environment and use my skills efficiently.

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