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J. Alphonso Griffin is an Incredible Human Being, Lover of Life & True Hip Hop Culture Content Creator.. I worked as a Freelance Photographer for Def Jam and Rush productions under Bill Adler. Than I went on tours with Def Jam acts, and became interested in, and studied film.

Than I created and purchased the domain name HipHopWorld.com and some others. I first Launch the Original hipHopWorld.com when Russel Simmons Launch HipHop360, the internet bubble burst, and the dot.com booom went bust. So I laid in the cut, and waited for broadband to become prevelent.

Now we're back, just in time. To elevate Hip Hop Culture, and give it back to the people. Most importantly, to become the true voice of Hip Hop Culture. we will concentrate on the original elements of Hip Hop Culture.

Writers ( Grafitti ), B-Boys ( Dancers ), D.Jays, Master of Ceremony M.C. aka Rapper. BeatBox ( Music w/ Mouth ). We will also add 2 more catergories, Fashion ( Clothing & Style ) and Hip Hop Honeys
( Video Vixens & Models )

Checkout our websites: HiphopWorld.com & ModelsHD.com

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