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The spiritual controllers behind the dark forces of the Illuminati are Luciferian & Satanic elements within the so-called Society of Jesus a.k.a. the Jesuits & the so-called Holy See of the Roman Catholic Church, oftentimes referred to as the Vatican.

This Rome-based nexus acts via major players & place-people within Papal & Royal knighthood orders, hierarchic Satanic orders & high-level Masonic rites, orders & obediences, the Frankist Sabbataian Papal-loyal Masonic Labor Zionists, & then through the elite policy management groups & intelligence, financial, military & political place-people to create what is referred to as the New World Order.

The mystical-religious impulse behind this Jesuit/Vatican-planned New World Order -- contrary to the in-house rhetoric of the Papacy & their false opposition of the occult secret societies -- is not that of Christ, but the spirit of Antichrist.

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