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Real Time Network is an online broadcast network that follows global trends. We strive to illuminate stories that focus on life, redemption, love, stewardship, and responsibility.

RTN’s pilot program, Off the Grid, showcases the country of South Sudan. With our host Pete Cushman, we journey to one of the most dangerous countries on earth, to discover what is going on in South Sudan. This investigative trip highlights the upcoming referendum, the status of the Church and the overwhelming opportunities in this developing African region.

RTN is a grassroots media project still in development. However, we felt that the story of South Sudan was such a time-sensitive piece and vital to east Africa as a whole that we were compelled to show it regardless of our own status. We hope this short film illustrates what we at RTN are committed to sharing. If you want to get involved in raising awareness about South Sudan or in becoming part of Real Time Network contact us!

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