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Supported by the House for an Art Lover Scholarship prize, I have just completed a Masters of Research Degree at The Glasgow School of Art. Graduating from The Manchester School of Art 2012, having attained a BA Hons. Interior Design degree, I was awarded the ‘David Crow Alumni Prize Best Dissertation 2012’.

A multi disciplinary creative, unrestricted by a particular discipline, I have experience using: InDesign, Photoshop and Premiere. Privileged with a dynamic skillset I am a confident designer who will readily adapt working methods in order to achieve the most successful design outcome. Able to think in a highly creative lateral manner, I am adept at developing fresh and exciting concepts very quickly.

My portfolio of work has consistently been people focussed, more recently I conducted a fifteen week research project from which a short film was produced. As a skilled communicator and relationship builder I enjoy working with a wide range of people and this is noticeable in the quality of my work.


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