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Richard Calvache is a Queens’s native. He considers himself a storyteller first and foremost. It is through his myriad artistic endeavors as an actor, dancer, and filmmaker that his talent for weaving a tapestry of tales shines.
Richard's artistic career began as an actor and a dancer when he was awarded a Summer Scholarship to the Alvin Ailey Dance School. In 1995, he founded Urban Youth Theater at the Abron's Art Center at Henry Street Settlement. Richard's film career began in 2001, when he collaborated with former National Geographic producer, Charles Friedman. Together, they traveled the United States shooting educational and college recruitment videos.

When Richard returned to New York, he became Executive Assistant for Daniel Catanach through DLex Productions. He went on to become a key component in the reimagining of the dance department at Abron's Art Center at Henry Street Settlement. He also worked as technical director for the Urban Street Residency Company.

In 2003, Richard established his production company, REC Productions (formerly named KRec Productions). Through REC Productions some of his original work found viral life or life in the film festival circuit. He created the shortfilms: "Second Position" and "In Motion," and the webseries: "Walt Disney World Vacation 2006;" and documentaries for various programs, including CASA and Centre Stage, which were successfully used in grant applications.

Mr. Calvache can be found in the 5 Boroughs working as a teacher and mentor, offering instruction in theatre and film; at FAO Schwarz, where, as the famed Toy Soldier, he has been featured in numerous charity and television events. Richard's future projects include collaboration with Lourdes Lane, Microsoft, and Skype for a program designed to help children find their confidence and inner strength. Richard is also currently in the works of producing another short film in the horror realm.

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