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Recoil is the project of Alan Wilder, formerly of Depeche Mode. Alan is a classically-trained musician and renowned contemporary music producer.

Recoil was born in 1986 as a two-track experimental EP. An album, ‘Hydrology’, soon followed in 1988 and both were eventually re-issued by Mute Records on CD as ‘Hydrology plus 1+2′. These early Recoil recordings revealed Wilder’s position as a pioneer in the newly emerging world of sampling technology.

Soon after recording the most successful Depeche Mode album to date – ‘Violator’ – he returned to the Recoil project for his next album, ‘Bloodline’, in 1991. Guest vocalists were recruited for the first time with contributions from Douglas McCarthy,Toni Halliday and Moby, helping to produce an album that demonstrated his ability to concoct slow-burning soundscapes drenched in drowsy paranoia. ‘Bloodline’ also marked the first Recoil single, a cover of Alex Harvey’s song ‘Faith Healer’, as well as the innovative ‘Electro Blues For Bukka White’.

Between 1992-93 Wilder resumed his Depeche duties as the band recorded the album ‘Songs Of Faith And Devotion’. Released to universal acclaim, it topped the charts in the UK, USA, Germany and a host of other countries. Although the group had reached the pinnacle of success, in June 1995, having spent 14 years as an integral part of one of the most popular and influential bands the UK has ever produced, Alan Wilder made the difficult but inevitable decision to leave Depeche Mode.

Free from group commitments, in 1996, he began work in his own studio, ‘The Thin Line’, gradually piecing together the unnerving scores that would eventually reveal Recoil’s next album ‘Unsound Methods’.

Featuring Maggie Estep, Siobhan Lynch, the reappearance of Douglas McCarthy, and Hildia Cambell, the album’s more organic style incorporated every imaginable musical genre from Trip-Hop to Gospel whilst dealing with the subject of obsession in all its manifestations.

In 2000, Recoil gave us ‘Liquid’ which this time utilised the unique qualities of internationally acclaimed singer Diamanda Galás, 1940’s Gospel crooners The Golden Gate Jubilee Quartet, and New York spoken-word performers Nicole Blackman & Samantha Coerbell.

The worldwide music press received the ‘Liquid’ album with a host of glowing reviews and Wilder was awarded the cv Charles Cros Grand Prix 2000.

After a 6 year break from recording, musician/producer Alan Wilder returns with Recoil’s 5th studio album. Entitled ’subHuman’, it has now been released worldwide.

’subHuman’ is available on CD and limited edition gatefold vinyl. A special collector’s DVD package has also been issued which includes an enhanced stereo CD, a 5.1 Surround Sound version and an exclusive ambient re-working of the entire album. The DVD also includes all the Recoil videos to date.

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