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Rec_Overflow / Mix_Overflow / Tec_Overflow
Spa.RK / Plataforma-LTW / Error...

Rec_Overflow is a very active agent of underground Madrid electronica scene throuth the colective of musicians and mp3/cdr- label Plataforma-LTW. Raw and deep electronica messing up with dark hiphopism, halfway between the smashed dancefloor and the unsual and relentlessly melody, the rythm catharsis and the dreamy soundscapism.

His dj sets and live appearances display a high energy and dinamism. He released ‘Madrid’ on Barcelona label spa.RK (2005) or ‘Beetch Ep’ on Pulpa records (2007) and the uncountable mp3 labels including Plataforma-LTW, Sutemos, Miga, Sinergy-networks, crazy-language, add sensor and many more...

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