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Gilivanka Kedzior & Barbara Friedman have been working together since 2010 as [ RED BIND ].

As visual artists working with performance, video, sound and photography, they analyze the confrontation to otherness and its inter-thematic with subjects such as : social yokes ; dominant/dominated relationships ; codes and what happens to them out of their context ; gender and its limits and ambiguities ; issues of the double and of the multiple characters under a single skin ; or yet the identity, status and image of Woman.

They have shown video works at several international venues including the Mori+Stein Gallery (Jan. 2013) and the Prince Charles Cinema (Nov. 2011), in London, United Kingdom ; the CAM | Casoria Contemporary Art Museum, in Naples, Italy (Mar. 2012) ; the MACA Junin | Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Argentino, in Buenos Aires, Argentina (June 2014) ; the University of La Rioja, Logroño, Spain (June 2012) ; the Faculty of Arts, Timisoara, Romania (Oct. 2012) ; the Cultural Center of Belgrade, Serbia (Oct. 2012) ; the Fundação Oriente, Macao, China (Dec. 2012) ; the SAZMANAB Platform for Contemporary Arts, Teheran, Iran (Feb. 2013) ; Videotage, Hong Kong (Apr. 2013) ; the Contemporary Art Museum of Wrocław (Apr. 2013), and the Museum of Art of Łódź, Poland (June 2013).

In the realm of performance, they have performed at events including the NUIT BLANCHE 2013 | 5th edition of FRASQ (Oct. 2013), Résurgences #5 (Oct. 2014) and Vision’R Festival (Nov. 2014) in Paris, France ; the 15th OPEN International Performance Art Festival and ART NOW Live Tour | International Performance Art Tour from Beijing to AnYang, in Beijing, China (Sept. 2014) ; IMAF 2013 | 15th International Multimedial Art Festival, in Serbia (Sept. 2013) ; ATHENS Video Art Festival | International Festival of Digital Arts & New Media, Athens, Greece (June 2013) ; MPA | Month of Performance Art, Berlin (May 2012) and ARENA... of the young Arts | International Theatre Festival, Erlangen, Germany (July 2012) ; the Lower Polk Art Walk and many Art galleries in San Francisco, United States (Nov. 2012).

Their performance [ ACANTHESTHESIA ] has been rewarded with the ARENA... of the young Arts Co-Production Prize (July 2012, Erlangen, Germany).

They currently live and work in Toulouse, France.

[ RED BIND - Gilivanka Kedzior & Barbara Friedman ]

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