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The Red Bull Music Academy is a symposium of music and knowledge that has been travelling the world since 1998: a platform for those who shape our musical future. See for more info, or tune in to thousands of exclusives interviews, features, live recordings, and mixes on

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  1. Jon
  2. anna kohlweis
  3. Nicolás Melmann
  4. Harald Björk
  6. en2ak
  7. simonne jones
  8. Vlad Caia
  9. Carles Mestres
  10. Jesse Boykins III
  11. Tracey Guinsberg
  12. Toy Selectah
  13. Tony Nwachukwu
  14. Teapot
  15. Tim Sweeney
  16. Temesgen Wubneh
  17. Electric Indigo
  18. Becky Sui Zhen

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