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We were recently interviewed for a media publication. We felt a bit like rock stars. Here are our answers.

Interview with Red Cilantro Media's principal, Pamela Rueda Devenport

Q: What are you favorite video projects?
P: I love the challenge of turning (boring) corporate video into something edgy, creative and different – different in both message and visually. To make a corporate video for chemical compounds look sexy. In two languages. Now that’s a challenge.
My favorite pieces though, are the ones that make a deeper emotional impact. I really enjoy non-profit and inspirational pieces. And I like developing a work from concept to edit so I have control over the emotional punch that gets conveyed – not that I’m a control freak about my work. No, not at all. [face palm]

Q: What types of people do you like working with?
P: People who absolutely love what they do. For example, my favorite director of photography isn’t thinking about the money first. He will get the best camera. Or he’ll do crazy things like buy a drone for an aerial shot at the last minute or a prime lens (at his own expense!) because he wants to give me the best shots. When I work with people that leave the contracts at the office and bring their passions with them to the set, then life is good.

Q: What is the thing people love about working with you?
P: I cuss in Spanish. I mix up my American idioms in unintentionally hilarious ways. And I know my stuff.

Q: What would be the thing people say is the hardest part of working with you?
P: I require my team to bring their A-game. I am a producer who started as an editor 18 years ago. I learned that you need little steps to a build a beautiful, big whole. Every step is important, and needs to be done without excuse.
So for example, when an editor tries to tell me that he can’t do what I suggest (technically), I will ask them to move over and let me drive. I know what the result needs to be. And I won’t let anyone tell me it can’t be done. There is always a way.

Q: Tell us more about RCM:
P: I think of Red Cilantro Media as a gorgeous, multicultural animal. We are bilingual on all fronts – as video producers, editors, translators and voiceover artists. Our passion lays in getting our work to reflect that multi-colored, multi-layered animal in all its beauty. We bring more than the technical skills to the table. We want people to love working with us. Sure, we'll deliver great work. But it’s so much more than that.

Q: So are you, Pamela, mainly a producer?
Mainly, yes. I’ll edit sometimes. But mostly I stay on the other side of things and keep the project flowing – to keep the train well-oiled. Can you say that? A train well-oiled?

Q: Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
P: I hope to tackle bigger and more challenging media projects with my team. On a personal level, my hobby and growing passion is the world of voiceover. It’s my decadent pleasure. Kind of like the guy that wears suits and ties to work but does stand-up at open-mic night or community theater on the weekends. You know? I love playing characters behind the mic. It's deliciously fun. And I wouldn’t do any of this if it weren’t fun.

Q: Thank you. Or what is it? Muchas gracias.
P: Awesome Spanish, my friend. De nada.


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