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    City to City Projects

    by Redeemer City to City

    18 Videos

    Give directly to these church plants at www.redeemercitytocity.com

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    Center Church Talks

    by Redeemer City to City

    19 Videos

    Talks on the Introduction and eight parts of Center Church. Filmed in New York City from 2012-2013 with an audience of pastors and ministry leaders. For all related resources see Centerchurch.com.

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  8. 26:29

    Center Church Trailers

    by Redeemer City to City

    14 Videos

    Tim Keller explains why he wrote his first book for pastors, and how they can use it for ministry.

  9. 08:24

    The Meaning of Marriage

    by Redeemer City to City

    6 Videos

    A series of videos about The Meaning of Marriage

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