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Rob. 24. Australian.

I only upload some HD videos on here.
Everything else you'll find on my YouTube channel:

Favourite TV: Lost. Breaking Bad. Scrubs. Always Sunny. Firefly. Battlestar Galactica. Community. Arrested Development. Rick & Morty. The Ricky Gervais Show. Sherlock. The Walking Dead. Prison Break. True Detective. Hannibal. Game of Thrones. Vikings. Archer. Friday Night Lights. The Leftovers. Rectify. Twin Peaks. Chuck. Parks & Rec. The Office BBC/US. Workaholics. Nip/Tuck. Bates Motel. Dexter. An Idiot Abroad. Review. Nathan For You. Childrens Hospital. Newsreaders. Sons of Anarchy. One Tree Hill. The OC.

Favourite Movies: The Prestige. The Dark Knight. The Big Lebowski. Con Air. Terminator 2. Heat. Harry Potter. The Hunger Games. Shutter Island. Warrior. The Machinist. Prisoners. District 9. Zodiac. The Social Network. Warm Bodies. American History X. LA Confidential. Insomnia. The Boondock Saints. 12 Angry Men. Narc. Mr Nobody. The Perks of Being a Wallflower. The Way Way Back. Black Dynamite. Mystery Team. Airplane! Tucker and Dale vs Evil. Empire Records. Anchorman. Borat. Zombieland.

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