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Cinematographer Louis Halcyon Simmons. First inspired by the character "Animal" on Lou Grant, and later on Fine Art Photographer, Peter Lik, professional photographer Louis Halcyon Simmons first picked up the camera at age 6. From then his eye developed into something amazing with his everlasting visuals that capture life, both past and present.

Louis Simmons’ adventure into both photography and aerial cinematography stemmed from his background in
production. While in Los Angeles, Louis’ intentions to pitch his high def motion picture idea called for another means of advertising. After researching various media sources, Louis landed with stock footage agency, Footagebank.com, immediately after graduating film school at The Los Angeles Film School. Along with his many talents, Louis developed a smooth jazz internet radio station called Smooth Jazz Beach Radio, hoping to serve as an advertising medium for his television pilot AERIAL, allowed Louis to discover new and extraordinary ideas for his stock footage library including cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas and soon Seattle.

Perhaps the biggest focus of professional photographer / aerial cinematographer is introducing new images to the world.
“My passion comes from the heart, as I love to share images and visuals with the world,” explains Louis. “It is an exciting feeling when you are able to introduce yourself to the public and have them immediately vision your dreams.”

Along with running his radio station, Louis has plenty on his plate to keep him busy. Being a professional aerial cinematographer, Louis often finds himself in different parts of the country, pairing music and aerial footage together, creating whole new entities. His movie pilot, AERIAL, is set to be released sometime next year.

While holding down these two projects, Louis also has plans to launch yet another project with his aerial footage called, "Murals by Halcyon" by using single framed high definition images and transferring them to life size murals for corporate lobbies.

Louis' motion picture and television credits include: "Charmed" , "Without A Trace", "CSI", "Honda", "Fujinon", "Impossible Pictures", "Modern Marvels", "Samurai Girl", "NAS", "State of the Union", "In Plain Sight", "NCIS" "The New Los Angeles", "Aerial Los Angeles", "Aerial Las Vegas", "Aerial San Francisco", "AERIAL"

For more information about photographer / aerial cinematographer Louis Halcyon Simmons, log onto: facebook.com/lordcityofangels or mpgalleria.wordpress.com

City of Angels Productions produces great aerial high definition footage of major cities. For more information email Louis Simmons at: hdaerials@cityofangelsprods.com or call directly at: 415.935.4871 cityofangelsprods.com and halcyoncinema.om

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