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  1. Felix Sputnik

    Felix Sputnik London


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    Born in Germany, moved to London, draws 24 pictures every second, lives in a small castle, keeps bees and chickens, likes beer.

  2. Hannah Jacobs

    Hannah Jacobs Plus London


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    Director | Animator | Illustrator I like to make things move. London/Hastings Royal College of Art graduate.

  3. Ars Thanea

    Ars Thanea Plus Warsaw, Poland


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    Welcome to Ars Thanea, an award-winning CGI Studio founded in 2007, home to talented people who make work that matters and breathe excellence. Our work blends mixtures of ideas and craft wrapped around extremely engaging stories that deliver results. We are the stewards of a new way of thinking. A diverse…

  4. Juan Segura
  5. pau ricart masip
  6. Daniel Densoer

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