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Manchester, Jersey, Melbourne

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We create Film, Photography and Design work for anyone we find interesting.

Founded by Nick Thompson with a vision to create commercially successful cinematic content across a variety of modern media platforms, and working within a broad spectrum of filmmaking, including commercials, music video, online branded content and specialised achitectural visualisations. Red Rhino Films has worked for some of the most diverse talents in the commercial and music video industry including Joseph Kahn (Love The Way You Lie - Eminem/Rihanna, Womanizer - Britney Spears) and Matt Maude and Left Eye Blind of Academy films.

Red Rhino Films produced major media work for The Cutty Sark's 2012 Restoration. and are currently producing work for Sony and Universal, and in 2013 Nick headed up the Cinematography dept of Australian Comedian Ed Kavalee's second feature film 'Border Protection Squad'

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