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I live in Chicago and I'm merrily engaged in the art of sucking as much joy out of life as possible! I have a Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy, a Master of Arts in Theology, a Culinary Degree, and a Bartending license. I've been a waiter, bartender, minister, cook, nursing assistant, ranch hand, factory worker, administrative assistant and freelance grant writer. My long-term goal? Live and have fun!
My absolute favorite actors in the world are Maury Sterling and Alexis Boozer at the moment. Bedlam is BRILLIANT! Haven't seen it yet? Go look!


  1. Darwin Tremor
  2. Julie Ann
  3. Jacob Cooney

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  1. This is gorgeous! I love the song and how well is describes Darwin. The clips you used were fantastic, too. @_@ I found myself wishing it were about three times as long. I think I might be just a wee bit of a fan. :D
  2. This is the most beautiful thing I have ever heard. You made it longer!!!! Thank you! Thank you so much. I love you. :')
  3. *Weeps* You genius. Now I'm all messy and crying.
  4. I am so deeply moved by this video. There's an unutterable, aching beauty to it. The movement of the waves and the music, the light and the use of time-lapse. You are phenomenal.