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I am gypsy of the open road. I wander with no road home. I am like the ancient warrior who travels from town to village to city to the barren open landscapes of earth and water. And I am recruited and volunteer and am given my tuppence to perceive us in this world, and assimilate, and with those things I feel when I close my eyes, I offer up the world back to itself. My road littered with the accolades of a world who thinks that we must be better than each other. I try to shed my light upon the shadows, It does not matter, child searching or an old man lost, a forgotten woman, or a beautiful angel waiting for her prince, a jaded girl, hurt and hiding from love, or a brave soldier looking for his road, everyone I meet gives me more of me to take along the trail than I had before I met them. This is all really. And what else is there. Except for an Angel of my own. Oh to be an unclaimed treasure....

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