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You know, we all deal with pain, stress, and frustration. Our health, our job, disabilities, the boss, bills and expenses of all sorts, the ‘ex’, a poor economy. I mean, the list goes on and on. Most of these things are well beyond our control. What we can control however is how we spend our time. We have the opportunity to build timeless memories with the people who are most important to us.

So for a while, I just want you to forget your problems. I want you to join us for a scenic fishing and nature experience. Think of your heart beating as the boat powers up to full-throttle. Think of the smile on your face when you to see that big fish blast out of the water, and feel it’s power as it pulls the line off your reel. Or alternatively, think of the calm you will experience when we slow things down and enjoy a quiet and relaxing float-fishing trip.

We put our entire focus on providing you with these exceptional experiences. We equip you with the highest quality gear available, and guide you to “catch great fish in great places.”

Professionally trained and insured, we are certified, compliant and licensed by six state and federal organizations. We are registered in CPR, first aid, and boater safety.
We are also stewards of our fish and fisheries. We are proud members of International Game Fish Association, Trout Unlimited, and a host of other conservation organizations.

To experience the difference and make timeless memories, book your trip now. Let’s “catch great fish in great places.”

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