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I'm a Christian Filmmaker, 26, and (even though I don't dance Samba, I don't play soccer and I am too white to be one) I am Brazilian :)

I studied Film Production in Dublin, Ireland.

I have been involved with art in most part of my life, first acting in Brazilian TV Ads, Series and Soap Operas, and also acting in different drama groups for 11 years. During these years in drama, I ended up also writing and directing drama plays.

In addition to that, for the past few years I have made a transition to film, firstly starting completely as an amateur producer and now making films professionally for a simple reason: I love Jesus, I love film, I love cinema, I want my films about Jesus impacting people's lives and pointing them to Him.

Yeah, yeah, I know it involves a lot of hard work, but it is exactly the 'hard work' plus the 'expected audience's reaction' what makes it worth it. Moreover, I have a punchline which I am always repeating "Problems and difficulties are opportunities. Attitude is my key".

What I most want now? To serve God with the talents that He has given me. As I like to say: Service to others, there is no higher purpose.

twitter: @regis_vct

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