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Since graduating from the Royal College of Art, Scottish born REILLY has carved a unique position in the world of illustration and graphic art.

His recognisable style aims to distort and reflect pop culture and to push the boundaries of what can be achieved in graphic art. His work is an amalgam of hand drawn and painstakingly rendered vector elements, with crazed colours, digital collage, maze-like repetitions, found photography and repurposed objects exploded into pop motifs, his own cartoon characters and London street culture.

As well as making and showing art, designing and fronting menswear labels, REILLY’s work has featured on campaigns for many top brands – including Lamborghini, Microsoft, LVMH, Ray-Ban, Coca Cola, Jimmy Choo, Adobe, Kylie Minogue, Hed-Kandi, Vogue, V&A, Chloé, Penguin Publishing, Sony, Complex, Grafik, IDN…

He has also been profiled and his artwork featured in magazines and trend sites the world throughout, including: Complex, iD, The Times, Dazed & Confused, Timeout, Grafik, American Cosmopolitan, Graphics International, Loaded Fashion, Radar, iDN, Surface, Rollacoaster and Vogue. Some sites include, Wonderland, iD online, Dazed Digital and Hypebeast.

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