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RE: is a 360 projection-mapping installation that uses mirrors to allow a projector to project on its own surface. The mirrors bounce the projections back onto their source. Virtual pixels become points of augmentation in actual space. ‬

In most cases the projector has a functional role in a video-installation; the projector in RE: functions as a symbol for both sender as receiver of the medium light.

The work is the outcome of the question what could the role of the projector be, explored in an installation presented by Bram Snijders at the Academie Gallery of the HKU (NL) in 2010, and is inspired by research Carolien Teunisse has done on Augmented Reality during her internship at V2_.


  1. Leon Lubberdink
  3. Bram Snijders / DEFRAME
  4. Carolien Teunisse