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Reinventing Films: Inspired. Daring. Resourceful. Enterprising. Tenacious.

We know we’re not alone in our philosophy of filmmaking, and we know we’re not alone in our dedication. We understand that these declarations are not exclusively ours. However, this is our MISSION page. This page is our digital flag in the sand. This page is us waving to you from the snowy mountain peak. This is who we are, what we represent, what we stand for and what we do.

Reinventing Films is a bi-coastal independent film production company with staff located in LA and NYC. Our Reinventing Films Team is comprised of dedicated creative, technical & business professionals with diverse industry experience.

Our “RF Team” honors every step of the production process through its professionalism, dedication, hard-work, and frame-by-frame follow-through.

We make films of the highest possible quality that feature evocative stories and characters.

Our demographic is broad. Our appeal is contemporary. Our company currently produces both short and feature-length films. Our first two film-shorts are in the Sci-Fi genre. Reinventing Films will be reinventing itself by expanding our growth in traditional feature-length films.

Reinventing Films. Real People. Sound Ideas. Projecting Visions. Entertaining Audiences.

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