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"The Ambient Collection" movies have never been more popular than right now or more on trend. Whether you are looking for escapism or your business waiting room could do with stunning moving images, ambient films provide the answer. As one of the world's biggest producer pushing the boundaries so that wherever you are and whatever your needs, our new "Ambient on the move" collection will provide a complete choice without the need of a DVD player.
With an unparalleled choice of 135 films and growing fast, ranging from the world's most beautiful vistas to cities and virtual journeys as well as stunning aquariums and fireplaces, Isis Asia is now offering HD Downloads playable on every device from tablets to HD TV via USB or Media players and of course your PC. You can purchase these stunning films from as little as 1,99 or you may decide to rent any film for 7 days from as little as 0,99 allowing you to rotate an ever changing portfolio of stunning images.
All downloads are shot in HD quality and produced to the highest level of quality ensuring you or your business enjoy the very best ambient experience.

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