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Relic Entertainment is a full service record label and recording studio based in Lakewood, California. Relic has been working with artist of all calibers for the last 8 years. Relic works in all genre of music with a focus in Hip Hop, R & B and Alternative. Relic Entertainment is the brainchild of Damion “G-Flow” Smith. G-Flow prides himself on making original musical compositions that can be used in a variety of ways. G-Flow’s music has appeared in both TV and radio commercials as well as background at a variety of live shows. G-Flow takes pride in making original compositions and most are all original music done in his personal studio, The G-Spot.

Relic has decided to jump in the music industry and show the rest of the country what the west has to offer. Following suit with recent west coast summit, Relic hopes to blaze a new trail from the west to the future!

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