Rellos Skate Co.

Mold, Flintshire

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Small company set up by some very passionate skateboarders. For skaters, by skaters. We have one important ideal, NOT to overprice!!

Est. 2009

Founding members: Oliver Manley, Tom Hughes

Filmer: Ben Jones

Photographer, secondary filmer and skater: Harry Miller

Tom Hughes
Ollie Manley
Harry Miller
Jake Lewis
Leo Anthony Jones
Peter Davies

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  1. Evelien Bouilliart
  2. Philip Bloom
  3. Chris Whitaker

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  1. Dude I really want your scene files, haha! So sick!
  2. This is so wrong it hurts. The DVX can do 30p, and 60i. 60i would of been MUCH better than 30. the Vixia can do 60p I think, and not 1080i. The HMC150 does 60p at 720p, yea. But you should only slow down to 50%
  3. This was filmed with a DVX100