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  1. Cayeux-sur-Mer

    by OT Cayeux-sur-Mer joined

    12 Videos 5 Members

    Cayeux-sur-Mer, Le Hourdel, Baie de Somme


    by Jean-Baptiste Lefournier joined

    209 Videos 150 Members

    Great city that holds amazing people. Here you can talk technical stuff on shooting, being creative, narrative. We'll try to make people see the best about Paris, or the best videos from…

  3. Vimeo Festival + Awards Community Screening

    by Andrea Allen joined

    62 Videos 290 Members

    Hey Vimeans! We wish everyone could come to the Vimeo Festival and Awards on Oct 8 and 9, but sadly that isn't possible. One of the most important parts of Vimeo is the community. Dan and I are…

  4. Welcome to My Place

    by Christophe Bruchansky joined

    44 Videos 10 Members

    Welcome the viewers to a place that matters to you. Videos should be less than a minute long. http://bruchansky.name/exhibitions/welcome-to-my-place/

  5. Vimeo World Tour '09

    by Blake Whitman joined

    9 Videos 591 Members

    The Vimeo World Tour 09 was a huge success! Thanks everyone for coming to our events and watching our tour along the way. We're planning bigger and badder events for next year, so say tuned!

  6. Same video, different use

    by Remyyy joined

    110 Videos 332 Members

    The idea is that all the people who want to participate are taking the same video and are using, remixing, editing, coloring it as they want. Come play with us !!!! Please add only videos related…

  7. Cool Kids.

    by Caroline Martin joined

    8 Videos 20 Members

    We're the Stickam bunch. We're cool. We're probably in school. We don't get invited to parties so we sit around pantsless. :( WE'RE THE COOL KIDS, OKAY?

  8. Vimeo Meetup!

    by Blake Whitman joined

    110 Videos 1,095 Members

    Sometimes Vimeo users meet each other in REAL LIFE!! I know, crazy huh? This group is for videos from Vimeo Meet ups all over the world.

  9. Inner Monologue

    by JD joined

    77 Videos 24 Members

    A group for saying what's on your mind, venting, complaining, praising, or just plain thinking out loud. A celebration of what goes on inside our heads. Videos displaying the "train of…

  10. We Love Vimeo

    by charliesteadman joined

    10 Videos 83 Members

    For everyone who shares creative content and finds friendship and support on vimeo. We love Vimeo. Join Vimians too. Same difference.

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