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Joachim Karl Rennstich has nearly 20 years of experience as a communication expert and scholar. After starting his first PR and advertisement firm just out of high school, he later taught at the Political Science departments of Temple University and Fordham University with degrees from the University of Göttingen (Germany/dipl.soc.) and Indiana University (Bloomington, IN - M.A., Ph.D.).

His work broadly focuses on issues surrounding the global economy, both in its historical evolution as well as its current and future development. In particular, Rennstich has studied the impact of digital technologies on a wide variety of fields, including globalization as a process, major power warfare, firm structure/organization/development, and the formation of national economies, amongst others.

He is the author of The Making of a Digital World : The Evolution of Technological Change and How It Shaped Our World (2008, New York: Palgrave). An avid user of a range of technologies himself, Rennstich is also involved in the development of innovative uses of technologies in academic research, the creation of research networks, and on information literacy, and served on he board of Fordham’s Center for International Policy Studies and as co-founder and -director of The Center for the Study of Long-term Change in World History (LTC).

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