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872 Gang is a Rap group from Madison, Wisconsin with the goals of being major artist and showing the world there talent. 872 Gang consist of two members Young Kaleem and Jae F. Freeman. 872 Gang started off as TSB soon later they thought of a more catchier name 872 Gang is code for TSB if you look on your phone on the 8 it’s a T on the 7 its an S on the 2 it’s a B. TSB started off recording with raquizey 3 years ago at his studio. Our first time recording was crazy because it sounded like we had been doing it for some time. Our first song was called Trend setta music our second song we did was called every hustle that was the starting point for us. Soon after that we started working on a mixtape called No pad no pen produced and mixed by us. Starting off we didn’t really have much we worked a commission job for the equipment we got. After that point we began recording songs back to back and putting them out on myspace. We recorded a song a rap group named young duces and performed it at the June Teenth that same day we performed at a local party. About a year later we turned 16 and performed at the majestic that was our biggest show we have ever done. After that we continued to put out more music to build a bigger buzz.

(Yk) real talk I didn’t ever think I would be a rapper that was the last thing on my mind my pop got me into music soon I started wanting to do what he did because my dad is my biggest inspiration because he’s a hustler and he know how to work with nothing so that’s how I was brought up. Music is my life every morning I wake I listen to beats and just freestyle before I go to school or ma day not gone go right. Me and Jae not just a rap group we like brothers we started this together so we plan to make it together. (Jae) For me I’ve been rapping since I was like 8 so this is something I knew I always wanted to do. I started rapping by my self and at the time I didn’t know anybody who was as serious with their music as I was. Then I got up with YK after finding out he rapped after that we jus kind of took off and it went from there. I planned to get a lot of music done and just keep putting out mix tapes and hopefully some albums. We going to keep working hard and keep trying to be the best at what we do, you know it’s 872.

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