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Research Deluxe is a NY – FL based record label and publishing company. Our lineup consists primarily of instrumental outfits spanning from tripped-out soundscape science, to raw breaks and microwave dance music. The label is home to Crates Anatomy, LeRoy Brown, Stereo 77, Students of Science, Sullivan Watts, The Caltones, and more to come.

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  1. Soul Kitchen
  2. Soul Kitchen
  3. Pedro Moreira
  4. Sun of a Gun
  6. Sean Dunne
  7. ColoRising
  8. Full Crate
  9. Sub Terra Films
  10. dublab
  11. David Pieropan
  12. Josue Ibanez
  13. Stones Throw
  14. Sam Annand
  15. maggie lee
  16. dylan allen
  17. J CANNON