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Everyone experiences a lot of moments every day. We all like to share these moments through photos, because a picture is worth more than a thousand words. But you share a picture of the first laugh of your child just as easy as a random selfie. Some of these moments you want to evolve into nice memories but the pictures are stored somewhere in between all the random moments so eventually they will all be forgotten; It just takes too much time and effort selecting the best ones.

ReSnap is the solution for saving these best moments. ReSnap can automatically select the best pictures of a user from the thousands of pictures spread across different data sources (from mobile to Dropbox). And this can always be done within one minute! ReSnap uses state-of-the-art deep machine learning techniques to create the smartest photo tool around.
Because of the implementation of a neural network our system is self-learning, so with every photo story that is made, our system can predict better what the perfect photo book for a user will be. With ReSnap, users can create the perfect photo story without having stress selecting the best photos. They can share it with friends and family and even order as a hard copy photo book.

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