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Resonator is Kai Niggemann and Anja Kreysing. Kai plays electronics, such as various synths, samplers, theremin, electric bass, sequencers and all sorts of filters and sound shredders. ..Anja plays the accordeon and indulges in pads, pianos and other eletronic sounds, unless she is busy unleashing a swirl of noise from the stage and her Nord Lead II keyboad...

our influences are many. We like to list some of them as Underworld, Dimitri Shostakovitch, Skinny Puppy and the whole gang, German UFA-Schlager, Kraftwerk, Astor Piazolla and many different genres of accordeon musics (eastern Europe's, France's etc), Biosphere, Future Sound of London, Underworld and of course many many more that are so obscure that even I can't think of them sometimes. .. As with all good influences, we don't actually sound like them. but by listing them for you, I am hoping that you will get a bit of an idea where this is coming from and/or going...

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Accordeon with electronics, FX, synths, samplers, beats here, wall of sound there.... .. "Intelligence requires countermeasures" to us means that music must work through the body, the stomach first -- *then* possibly the head, but never head first... listen and you'll understand...

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